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Presence & Power!

With this powerhouse guide you get valuable insights

to change the quality of your life!

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With this powerhouse guide you get valuable insights

to change the quality of your life!

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 with Kine Isachsen



My heartfelt welcome!

✨A question for your inquiry✨


Does this sound anything like you? 

Feeling stressed and anxious in your day to day life,

putting on a mask that’s draining you? 

The core problem being that -

You don´t live

Your Life´s Deeper Purpose?

Your friends can see it and they’ve been telling you:

You are not living your most happy or authentic life.

The Draining Job you currently have,

or other key things like


- Dating of Incompatible People - Unhealthy Life Style - Negative Thought Patterns - Stressing Work Environments - Poor Boundaries - Difficulty Communicating Your Desires or Needs - Challenges With Regulating Emotions - Overwhelm -Self Sabotage or Procrastination Habits:

✨It Just Isn´t For You Anymore. Most of it never was.✨

If you don’t make a change in these draining areas, it feels so sad to you.

The reason is: Deep down you know 

that if you were to BREAK THROUGH from your limiting thinking and behaviors,

you could really be Empowered, Happy and Successful.

Looking back over the past years; how have things developed? 


For the better or worse? 

How are the stressors impacting you week by week? 

What will your life, and you, look like if you continue this way for another year? 

5 years?  10 years? 


Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You deserve a happy and purpose filled life.

It is possible to make change on your own,

but it usually involves procrastination and doubt.

There is an easier, and faster way that feels safer:

Being Supported By A Coach​

  • Get a clear understanding about your purpose and challenges

  • Work through the blockages and inhibiting thought patterns

  • Support to trust your own answers 

You´re always welcome to send me a message,

so we can see how to support you in this important journey! 


Lots of cheering from your life coach, 

Kine Isachsen



Kine's energy is gentle and refreshing, her approach is both intuitive and comprehensive, and she is fully receptive and open. She's like a great river, one soft enough to encourage you to easily release your toughest burdens - and one powerful enough to take those enormous burdens, 

allowing them to gently float away downstream. Kine helped me let go of old fears and judgments like none had done before. She helped me get in touch with one of my most vulnerable aspects in an entirely loving way.


It had been so long since I had felt such a strong inner glow as I did after our call, she makes true magic.  I am so grateful to have gotten the kind offer to work with Kine. She changed my perspective, my internal world, and the trajectory of my life.

Sarah S, Pacific Northwest - USA