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Life Coaching
With Kine




  • Total Life Upgrade

  • 100+ Pages E-book

  • Upgrade Meditation

  • Energy Cleanse On All Levels

  • Purpose Astrology by Blue Haven

  • Breakthrough Coaching Online: 

7 x Exclusive 1 hour 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions 

with Certified Life Coach

Kine Isachsen

Book now before Pre Launch Period prices are finished!




  • 100+ page Program E-book

  • Program Meditation

  • Astrology Purpose Overview by Blue Haven

  • Weekly 1:1 Online Coaching with Kine


Find & Live Your Purpose 

3 Month Program


Self Worth & Confidence

4 Month Program


Manifest A Love Partner

5 Month Program 

(Disclosure - I am confident my clients can manifest a love partner within this timeframe, but in cases where it doesn’t happen, one free month of weekly coaching is included after this program.)



Watch video about the program here:


Here is my vow to you: In all of these programs I walk the way with you and support you emotionally and pragmatically. I help you understand your blueprints for life satisfaction and how to make the most of your life. You get a clearer understanding about the reasons for your challenges and how to solve them. I tailor-make the program you choose to your needs.

We also work directly with what is is challenging in your life now and on the day of the coaching.

Feel free to schedule a FREE Coaching Sample Session.

What do you do now?

  • Send me a message about your interest in coaching.

Whatever your challenges, I am open to hear from you.

  • Or book a FREE Coaching Sample Session session in my Calendly-calendar here.

This is your moment to caretake your fear, and choose to be BRAVE. Listen to your gut/intuition/heart! I would really like to talk to you! Let´s see if it is a good fit to work together on your specific challenge.

Best regards from your coach

Kine Isachsen


The Method


A Breakthrough Coach that helps heal the root cause of the problem, while cheering you all the way to Your Personal Breakthroughs. 

Kine Isachsen works directly and intelligently in the three crucial tenses:


Your Past  In her comprehensive and holistic programs she helps you resolve the emotional blockages and old thought patterns, so you finally release the anchors of the past. This propels you forward at rocket speed.

Your Present  The program rewires your brain and nervous system to calm down. This means you enjoy your life. It also means that you are present for yourself, the people you love and your purpose. 

Your Future Through pragmatic, intelligent goal setting and implementation of pleasurable, focused action - you will reach your goals. Kine helps you recognize and enhance your talents, needs and desires. She also includes spiritual manifestation techniques, visualization, feng shui and other energy work to speed up the process. 

This approach can launch you into your unique zone of genius and access your genuine life purpose.



Leadership By Heart, Coaching Certification

Bodynamic, 7 Weekend Courses;

Utilizing the connection between the mental, emotional and somatic 

Rafael Cushnir Emotional Connection Certification, Weekend Course

Intuitive Connection Weekend Course 

Infreeland, 5 days trauma release course

BodyART Yoga Teacher Certification

TBP Meditation Teacher Certification

4 Years as a dedicated modern meditation munk 



Emberglow and Ojas & Isaiba, Flutist, singer & songwriter in the ensembles

More info:

Music Bachelor (NTNU)

Music Educator Teacher Training (Barratt Due Music Institute)

Workshop leader of 100+ workshops at Popsenteret in Oslo

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