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En verden av muligheter!

Her følger enkle grunner og måter å bruke dōTERRAs eteriske oljer!

My heartfelt welcome to you!


Let me ask you a question. Do you feel insecure, have low energy or high stress levels? Or got this nagging feeling, that there is a more fulfilling life possible for you? But it´s hard to change that without guidance or support? 


These are things I can help solve together with you. 

I can support you to:


  • Design your life around your needs,  goals and desires

  • Give tools to boost your strengths

  • Find clarity to make choices

  • Feel centered in yourself

  • Face anxiety and fears

  • Find career purpose

  • Better relationships

  • Live a joyful life



I am dedicated to:

  • Walk the way with you and support you

  • Get a clear understanding about your challenges

  • Working through the challenges, emotions and inhibiting thought patterns

  • Guiding you to trust your own answers 

  • Transforming the blockages in the way of your desired life


I´m a Norwegian certified Leadership by Heart life coach, and also a meditation, yoga, musician and music teacher, based in Oslo. You can read about my certifications here.



Through combining effective coaching modalities with an intuitive and pragmatic structure, I help emotional healing and positive change happens for clients. This is one of the most meaningful experiences for me.


I love facilitating a safe space for you. Especially in the midst of  you accessing  your emotions and new awareness.


I facilitate the space for your inner change. Then we work on making your life align with this updated version of you.


Feel free to schedule a free discovery talk. This way we can see if you can benefit from my support and help, and if we are a good match to work together.


How coaching works:

  • A free talk on phone, Zoom or Skype.

  • We decide if we want to work together.

  • I make a plan the next session(s).

  • We work directly on solving your challenges.

  • Optional: You commit to new habits of your choosing, to implement in between the sessions for faster results


Examples of coaching packages​​

  • Stop Digital Addiction (Get your brain back)

  • Take Care of  Your Inner Child(ren)

  • From Anxiety To Empowerment

  • Live From The Heart

  • Creativity Flow

  • Love Yourself

We can spontaniously go with whatever is present for you the day of the coaching too. All packages are tailored to your specific needs.


Whatever your challenges, I am open to hear from you. Send me an email, and we can talk together and se if it is a good fit to work together on your specific challenge. Email:


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