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As well as emotional deep coaching I love teaching you about inspired, natural & healthy lifestyle choices.


Here´s where pure essential oils can play a key role. Unlike most brands, doTERRA's essential oils do not contain conventional toxins nor hormone-controlled components. (Did you know theres a lot of this in traditional skin products, cleaning products, makeup, and chemically made medicine?)

SO! Are you curious about making yourself shine? And this time shining from within? 


Let´s choose being healthy on our terms! 


Let me tell you some amazing ways they can help in your daily life: 

Wellness products, cleaning products, sleep aid, allergy-free, combat-colds or remedy-those-hard-to handle-skin-conditions! 


Or. Are you an athlete? Let me recommend you muscle pain relief or pre workout focus tools.

Contact us for info and training on how to get started with doTERRA's products and live a more holistic lifestyle!



Curious about why I started with oils..?

In January 2018, I started working on the DoTERRA team; Gifts from the earth. I have been using the oils since 2016. I changed from being sick all the time, to being ..almost continuously healthy + and balancing my energy levels.

With a background as a coach, musician, meditation and yoga teacher, I find it important to find tools to perform so you can follow your heart in all areas you desire!

doTERRA changes you from within, so you can truly experience life on your terms!

Nughf said! ;)

English speakers:

If you are even a little curious, please contact me directly,

and I´ll send you info about the kits you can buy in your contry. And help you with any question you might have! :-)

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